A Celebration of Plus Size Style

This week has been a little disheartening in the plus size style world. An outcry for fairness, inclusivity, and accessibility of style for plus size women everywhere is taking wind this week. Plus size models, bloggers, plus size influencers, the body positive movement and plus size style advocates all over the word have for years struggled with this topic and made real headway, but we still have work to do!

This week Melissa Fitzgerald of @onerealmomma, a plus size digital creator, sounded the alarm on many big time retailers who are removing plus size options from their stores and replacing them with signs that read “extended sizes available online”. She specifically spoke to Target and started the #wheresmyplustarget, but also mentioned Old Navy. This struggle is near and dear to my heart. I have always loved style and fashion and have always been a round, lush, curvy girl! For most of my teenage years, I was trapped in poorly fitting, matronly looking clothing because, well, that is all that was available at a price point that was accessible.

Today, I’m joining the outcry in a different way. I want to highlight, shoutout and sincerely THANK the small labels that are, not only including, but catering to the curvy women of the world! Today, I get to feel BEAUTIFUL and STYLISH because these small brands are paving the way in turning the discussion towards STYLE and away from SIZE! Starting this blog has helped me find labels I didn’t know existed and today I feel comfortable, stylish, and powerfully feminine thanks to Dani Marie the label. They create amazing pieces like the dress you see below ethically and sustainably.

Click the image to open the link in a new browser.

This is the Eva long sleeve swing dress in Spot. They also have this dress in a blush color and black. I felt so amazing in this dress today, that I plan to order the black as well. The dress is well made and has adorable tassel details. I paired it with vintage wedges and tassel earrings, but it could be worn with cute sandals or ballerina flats and about a million other combinations of accessories that would change the look completely. Thank you Dani Marie from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate you art, ethics and dedication to beauty that is not hindered or defined by curves and lines but rather empowered and diversified by them! You are an inspiration.

To all my plus size girls, lets rally behind these companies and show the world that we have a voice and other retailers better get their affairs in order. I deserve more than one rack of options in store, and I most CERTAINLY deserve more than “extended sizes available online”. If I’m shopping online, it will be because I CHOOSE to put my money into companies that value my business. Shout out to a few other boutiques I have found…

Chic Soul

Glitzy Girls Boutique

Juicy Body Goddess

Happy shopping my sweet girls!