Adventures of a Curvy Girl

Today was a very fun day! Today was a day of busting through my own insecurities, self-judgement, and bs thinking! Today was a day in which I loved myself enough to push past feeling-less than, in order to find the woman I want to be and to live the life I’ve always dreamed of. As a curvy girl, I often sat on the sidelines. I avoided being the center of attention and hid behind weight and shame. I missed so much of life waiting to be the “right size”. I can’t tell you how much I regret that kind of thinking and how much I WISH I would have had a mentor to show me a different way.

I want to be that mentor for you! If you are a curvy girl, no more sitting on the sidelines. Find something you love, create actionable steps and GO DO IT. Today I decided to go after my goals of learning to dance. I reached out to an amazing instructor and booked a session. I found some dance shoes, picked an outfit (top priority) and DANCED! Brenda at Salsa Heat dance studio was an amazing instructor! She was not only full of grace and dance skill, but she was also full of wisdom. I tried to capture today’s curvy girl adventure in the video below because sometimes words alone don’t do life justice. Click the image to go to the video!

I hope you enjoy!