Just Eat the Stupid Cake

Hello there! Today, I am sharing a little something different with you guys. It is neither makeup or fashion but still feeds the soul! On my journey to health, I have struggled with where to put foods traditionally labeled as “unhealthy”. I have tried calling them “cheat” foods, “treats”, or a “sometimes” food. I needed a box to put them in. I needed a rule to follow because, somewhere along the way, I convinced myself that I could not trust myself around yummy foods. This meant that there was only two ways that I knew how to delight in foods I loved 1) if I was briefly in “f&%k it” mode or 2) if I was “off the wagon” altogether.

But WHAT IF? WHAT IF there was a third option? What if I could enjoy the foods that are so dear to my culture, the artistry of my community, or a beautiful part of a bigger experience such as traveling to new places WITHOUT the silly label? What if food was neither good or bad? What if instead of cheats or treats, it was JUST FOOD. Food I ate if and when I was hungry and if/when I decided I liked my reasons for enjoying said food in that moment?

What if the only rule I followed was to love myself and honor the body that God gave me, and from that rule I made all the other choices? Turns out that when I focus on loving myself, I remember that eating the whole cake would cause me to feel like crap, truly affect my body systems, and continuing to add heaviness to a body that is already struggling under the pressure of its current weight. When I love myself, I let myself experience and enjoy food within the parameters of wellness. THIS has been GOLD for me. Enter Light on the Sugar Bakery and Cafe.

I was SO excited to visit this place. Everything looked delectable. They bake French goods with an Asian twist. You can find matcha, ube, taro, black sesame and many more unexpected ingredients in their perfectly prepared pieces of heaven. Everything is baked fresh, in house daily. I made a plan, decided I liked my reasons, and enjoyed the hell out of some amazing, artistically created baked goods and coffee.

The tiger sugar coffee (I had mine made with Oatmilk, but they have regular whole milk, almond and coconut milk too) was UH-MA-ZING.

So my dear friends, love yourself and let yourself experience all the flavors this world has to offer within the parameters of wellness you feel best serve the body you were blessed with.

Hugs, Melb+