Honest Closet

There came a time, shortly after becoming a mom, that my closet felt “blah”. It took me a minute to realize that my life had undergone a major transition…the beautiful blessing of being a mom! I was trying to bring my old closet into my new life and that mess was failing badly. I ended up in yoga pants and mismatched, oversized t-shirts way more than I care to admit! I took a style class and quickly realized my “lifestyle” and my closet were not even in the same zip code. You see, I am a healthcare worker and mom to a strong, smart, beautiful baby girl. This means I spend 5 days a week in scrubs and after work in some form of “comfy clothing”. Sure, on my days off, I change it up. On Sundays, I may even wear a dress or cute top for church or brunch, but mostly, I was home…being a mom and soaking in every minute of time away from work with my baby girl! My closet housed this….

But my life housed this….

When I got real honest with myself, I realized I felt like crap in my clothes because 80% of the time I was in scrubs or mismatched old tshirts and yoga pants. The idea of spending money on a matching jogger suit or quality athleisure over a cute Sunday dress seemed crazy to me! The more I thought about it though, the more I realized, that my life had transitioned in beautiful and lovely ways, and my closet needed to come along for the ride. Slowly, I have reallocated my clothing budget and now I enjoy some of these looks….


I allowed myself an athleisure budget and made peace with spending a more generous portion of my clothing budget on styles that I actually wear on the daily, so that feeling great in my clothes was no longer a weekend privilege but rather a daily intention. If you work in an office, for you this may be investing in higher quality business casual. If you are a gym goer, this may mean investing in high quality sneaks. It just all depends. The point is that your style, your lifestyle AND your closet need to intersect so you can be your most authentic YOU! Define your curves. Don’t let your curves define you!

Hugs, Melb+