Beauty Station Makeover

There is something about starting a new year with a refreshed beauty station that makes me feel like the world just might be okay in 2022. When I purchased my sweet and cozy home in 2018, I didn’t have the budget for many updates. I took on small projects, but like many full-time working moms, I neglected my own spaces. I have this wish list for my master bedroom that just has not come to fruition. The room has these SAD looking built-in shelves that I haphazardly threw my makeup on and when was born, it became the place I did my makeup and recorded content. Only one problem…… it was a hideous space. The most uninspiring, loathsome space. See……


I decided to save the new year with this one DIY adventure. I took my sister’s advice and decided to create new, chunkier shelves (if she had her own DIY page, this is where I would give her a plug but alas little sisters never listen). I took my unexperienced, hopelessly optimistic self to Lowe’s and bought wood for $14.

I took one of the old shelves, and Lowe’s was kind enough to cut four shelves to size for me. I purposely chose a piece that had some variations in the wood for added character. I then took on the work of lightly sanding, staining and sealing each shelf. I took my time over the course of a few weeks doing a little work each day.

I used acrylic storage bins I already owned like these and my existing milk glass decorations that I have hunted down in various vintage and consignment shops over the years. I also kept some framed artwork from the most amazing friends a girl could ask for! I’m so proud of how it all turned out. For $14, you can’t ask for more!

I want to stare at this forever, but then I remember I have to go to work and it’s back to reality, oops there goes gravity. Make the most of what you have in 2022 my loves and honor each and every one of your spaces with organization and pretty little things! Hugs, Melb+