Prime TRY Before You BUY

As a busy mom, full-time working SLP, CEO, COO, housekeeper, cook and gardener of our sweet little home, I do not often have time to venture out to stores when my closet needs a refresh. I have previously tried a few style box-type subscriptions, but never enjoyed paying the associated fees. Enter Prime Try Before You Buy. Now, this post is not sponsored in any way by amazon and all opinions are my own. That said, ladies, do NOT sleep on this prime before you buy service.

I am currently on my third order. Here is why I am loving this service.

  1. It ships for free just like all your other prime treasures
  2. It ships pretty darn fast
  3. Its FREE to ship and FREE to return
  4. You pay nothing upfront and only pay for what you keep
  5. You have a seven day try on period
  6. They include the return label in the reusable bag
  7. They have SHOES!

I mean, it does not get much easier than that.

Pro tips:

  1. Search for whatever it is you are needing (e.g. plus size jeans or plus size spring dress), then FILTER (top right menu) by sliding on the prime before you buy button.
  2. I found that the prime before you buy options were sometimes limited to certain colors but you can order any of the available colors to establish fit/size, return and then order the color you had your heart set on.

Okay, lets get down to business and try some clothes on!

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For reference, I am 5’5” and typically wear a size 3x or 22/24. I hope this gives you an idea of some of the plus size options available. I will be sharing more of these try-ons via Instagram @missmelb_plus. Tag me if you decide to prime before you buy and let me know how it goes. Here is my one warning….BE DILIGENT ABOUT THAT 7 DAY TRY ON PERIOD. You don’t want to be charged for items you don’t want to keep! I tried on and returned within 3 days just to be safe. Hope this helps my busy ladies or those who just don’t want to leave their couch.